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Add:Putian, Jieyang County, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province  Copyright:Jieyang Tianle Food Industry Co., Ltd. 
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   The modern enterprise adheres to human-oriented philosophy and takes staff as the fortune. All rivers run into the sea. Talents are just like the rivers. We respect talents, and create harmonious, passionate environment for employees. 
  During these years, Tianle is a struggling, competitive, but considerate collective. Our administrators are always considering employees and praising for their progress. Even the comments or judges are sincere. We try to do every work meticulously to realize the targets and ideals of both employees and company.
  Besides employees’ living conditions, we strive for an ideal living manner, struggling target, healthy working environment, harmonious working atmosphere. Each staff is qualified of good social responsibility, solidified teamwork, and contribution to the work. 
  To be devoted to the development of our company and convinced of that is the faith of every employee. 
  Brand is the root of Tianle. Tianle has always been developed fast since its establishment owing to the brand effect of “noble quality, sincere service” through all efforts of staff.